Hi, this is Leslie Harris in for Rich Dale. I don’t use ride-sharing services a lot, but when I do, I’m super grateful for them. In fact, my oldest kid uses them everyday to get from the train station to her job. And full disclosure, I even drove for one of the ride-sharing services for a while.

I never had a bad passenger. I certainly had ones that I liked more than others. I always preferred having chatty passengers, but even the ones who ignored me for whatever was happening on their phone were okay. Some people were drunk , but no one was obnoxious.

I guess I got lucky, because some drivers have horror stories of people vomiting in their cars, passengers screaming at each other, and having someone pass out in your backseat.

The rideshare companies will ban drivers with low ratings, and they have allowed drivers to rate passengers, but there has been no recourse for passengers until now. A new Uber policy will ban riders with low ratings, and they’re even having riders agree to certain guidelines such as taking their trash with them and not asking drivers to speed. I’m guessing Lyft will soon follow.

Have you ever gotten a low rating as a rideshare passenger? Have you ever given a low rating to a rideshare driver? Let us know in the comments!

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