Are You Staying Away From Your Dentist Because Of Coronavirus?

So many things have been put off or changed because of COVID. Our daily lives and routines are no longer what they were. I recently went to the dentist for my 6 month cleaning/check up and they found a couple of teeth that needed more attention. Another visit was scheduled and now i’m a candidate for a new crown (lucky me). Tooth was cracked and I’m headed back in next month. Like most everything dentists shut down when the pandemic hit, but have most have reopened with new protocols  for the patients protection and safety. Yet dentists across the board are reporting that their cliental is down about 20%. People are simply afraid to risk that kind of physical exposure. My dentist, Dr. Kaz, has always been a cutting edge kind of guy and his office is well managed and their safety measures are very reassuring. So I’m good going back and having the work done that’s required, but as I said so many are reticent to do just that and get the treatment they really need. That of course could mean health issues and also the price could be going up because of less in flow of patients.

Dentists Are Losing Patients Out Of The Fear Of COVID.