Are You Still Getting Extended Unemployment Benefits?

The new jobs and unemployment numbers come out on Friday and they are thought to be pretty positive. Jobs thought to be in the 750,000 range and unemployment down to about 5.2., but just like the weather these are prognostications not written in stone. Everywhere you go there are help wanted signs in windows of businesses. They just don’t seem to be able to get folks back to work. Some businesses are offering perks and bonuses to potential employees and  that has helped, but there is still shortage of willing workers out there. Some say the extended unemployment benefits are hurting work recruiting. People can make more staying home rather than working. Others argue that many have just decided to go in different direction from their previous employment. Either way it looks like most of those extended benefits are coming to an end and I guess we’ll just have to wait a see how it shakes out!


Unemployment Benefits Going Away Doesn’t Mean They’re Going Back To Work.