Are You Waiting On A Porsche Or A Volkswagen? You May Be Waiting A Little Longer!

So new cars are very much in demand and very much more expensive these days. Plus you’ve got to wait quite a while for delivery if they don’t have what you want on the lot! Supply chain issues and cars one of the biggest factors of high car prices. There’s a global shortage in the high-tech semiconductor chips that have become the lynchpins of modern automotive manufacturing. So if you want it you’re gonna have to wait. If you’re waiting for a Porsche or a VW model you may be waiting even longer! The nearly 650-foot-long ship Felicity Ace is capable of carrying 4,000 cars and was loaded with Porsches and Volkswagens is on fire and adrift in the Atlantic. Oops there it is! Details below.

Burning Cargo Ship Full of Porsches & Volkswagens is Adrift In The Mid-Atlantic.