Are You Willing to Tell Your Coworkers How Much Money You Make?

It still feels like it’s taboo to share how much money you make with your coworkers.  But is that just a way for your bosses to keep you from knowing you’re underpaid?

According to a new survey, HALF of people now say they’re willing to tell their coworkers how much money they make.

And the younger someone is, the more likely it is that they’re willing to discuss salaries at work.

The survey also found 50% of people would ask for more money if they found out coworkers were making more than them.

I’ve had this very conversation with co-workers, and I agree! There should be no issues with talking about salary. Employees should be able to compare and contrast what everyone makes to ensure everyone is comfortable with the salary they are getting. I get it…usually the salary you get is something you agreed to, but I’ll tell you this. On the flip side, the employee could not have had a say in the salary. Sure…they could have not taken the job, but that is worse than a sub-par salary. If you had the knowlege of co-workers’ salaries in your back pocket, that could be ammunition in your next salary negotiation!

I can think of only one entity that would not think that’s a good idea.

Maybe you SHOULD find out how much your coworkers make . . . because right now, only 30% of people think they’re underpaid.

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