As The Stock Market Soars How Does It Affect You?

The hope is that the pandemic will soon be under control. That’s of course a relative term, but things are looking much brighter with the vaccine availability! So lemme ask, how’s your financial circumstance looking? Are you in the stock market either as an investor or with a retirement account IRA, 401K or Money Market? No matter which way, if you are, your money is growing and that is the whole idea, right! The market itself is a reflector of our economy, but not the real indicator for how we’re all doing. There are so many out there that are not in the market and are working each week just to keep the food coming in and the lights on! So how do we judge the market and what it means to our every day lives? Here’s a piece that has a bit of a different opinion on what the surging stock market means and how good it is for the economy that we all are immersed in.

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