Sesame Street has been a lot of things, but one thing it’s never been is a crime-infested ghetto.  Until now, at least in the eyes of SNL.

You must check out the video above if you didn’t see it!  It’s a trailer for a “movie” called Grouch, which closely resembles a movie about a certain Joker that’s currently all the rage.  It’s the origin story of Oscar the Grouch.  The title character is a completely non-muppified Oscar, who makes his home on Sesame Street, and is finding himself increasingly disgusted with the conditions there.

The satire is perfectly done.  And I have to admit that my favorite shot was of human versions of Bert and Ernie being relieved of the precious rubber ducky.

Yesterday, I talked about a real movie that would be great to watch on Halloween.  But you can also treat yourself to this excellent parody trailer.  Watch it in the dark!