Atari is back!  Sort of.

Atari was once the king of video games.  Back then, no-one would’ve guessed that they’d pretty much disappear one day.  Well they may be back, but not in any way we’d have expected.

Atari is now going to be a hotel!  The gaming system known for its classic games Centipede and Pong is planning to open Atari-themed hotels thanks to GSD Group who is funding the venture.  Atari Hotels is set to open in Las Vegas and Phoenix initially.  Of course due to coronavirus, plans for the start of construction has been pushed back.

Other plans for Atari hotels are set for Austin, Denver, San Francisco, San Jose, Seattle, and check it out — Chicago!

I’m all for the success of Atari.  Pong is actually my favorite video game of all time!  I like a game that you can play while carrying on a conversation.