Aurora Has a Beautiful New Mural

Leslie Harris here, and I have a special fondness for public art. I really love how anyone can enjoy the beauty, and frequently in a space that was previously an eyesore.  Aurora Downtown has a new gateway mural and it is stunning.

The Unity Gateway Mural was created by artists Laura Lynne and Catalina Diaz. They’ve been working on it since early August, on the East wall of Mangkuk Restaurant. About 45 community volunteers, including a girl scout troop joined in the creation.

The mural shows how Aurora is a city of many people and cultures combined together, and includes many different styles of art. It really shows the vibrancy of the Aurora community.

This is the second gateway mural sponsored by Aurora downtown. The first mural is on the southwest corner of Lake Street and Galena boulevard, and was completed by artist Josh Schultz last fall. Find out more about those murals HERE 

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