Aurora Restaurant Serving Food on Friday to Support Staff of Geneva Restaurant

This is what it’s all about, friends! The personification of “We’re all in this together.”

I love the folks at Foxfire, and they have done everything right when it comes to opening safely and following guidelines. However, sometimes things happen that you can not protect against. According to their Facebook page, they had to temporarily close because a staff member may have come into contact with someone who tested positive. I’m not sure a business HAS to close in that scenario, but they did because they care about their community! Over reacting is better than under reacting.

What really stinks is that the staff can’t work and make money for their families.

This is where the good folks at Gillerson’s Grubbery and Penrose Brewing come in!

On Friday from 4:00 to 8:00, Gillerson’s will be serving food outside of Penrose in Geneva and donating a portion of the proceeds directly to the STAFF of Foxfire.

It really is a pay-it-forward situation: Gillerson’s had to shut down for the same reason as Foxfire, and another local restaurant stepped up and donated to the staff at Gillerson’s! Someone helped them…so they are helping others!

It’s all a big, lovely, caring circle of awesome!

And the people at Foxfire deserve to be helped, too! Consider the amount of food they donated to the nurses at local hospitals when we were in the worst part of this pandemic. They are incredible people, and I hope you support them!

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If you want to get some delicious grub, a fine beer and help out the staff of a beloved local restaurant, head up to Penrose on Friday afternoon! Here’s the menu:

The Curt Burger- steakhouse burger, blue cheese crumbles, grilled onions and mustard $12
The C19 Cure Burger– steakhouse burger, bacon, grilled onions, double american cheese $12
Kimchi Impossible Chips– boat full of homemade chips, kimchi, impossible “meat”, curry sauce $10
Bacon Cheese Chips– boat full of homemade chips, cheese sauce, bacon, green onion $10