Avoid Getting Hurt At The Gym

Before long, it will be warm and you’d like to be in good shape when you hit the beach. Exercise can help you, but done the wrong way it can also hurt you.

Wherever you work out, these simple tips can help you avoid injury.

Check with your doctor before starting any new fitness routine.

When using free weights, or machines – always warm up with lighter weights/resistance first.

Keep your shoulders and knees warm when working those areas. Those joints are actually quite delicate.

Protect your lower back.  Wear a snug weightlifter’s belt when doing squats, dead lifts or any movement that involves lifting or pressing above shoulder level.

Allow at least one day of recovery between workouts of the same muscle groups. If you’re still sore from the previous routine, wait an extra day to be safe.

Stay hydrated, maintain a healthy diet and be sure to get enough sleep.

Here’s to a healthy new you arriving at a beach or pool soon!