So with the success of Bohemian Rhapsody movie producers everywhere are trying to come up with the next great rock bio pic.   There are some already in the works and a few that will be coming out this year.   Motley Crue’s ‘TheDirt’ is due to be released on Netflix on March 22nd.  The movie is said to be based on the 2001 biography of the same name.  Originally the band was signed to work with Paramount but that company wanted the band to soften up the story a bit and Nikki Sixx said Netflix let them tell the story that was in the book.

Another amazing movie due to be released on May 31st is Rocketman.   The full trailer was just released last week and last night we were treated to an amazing performance of Tiny Dancer by Elton himself and the actor Taron Egerton who plays him in the biopic.  Elton has been quoted as saying no one has ever sang his music as well as Taron.


In October we will get yet another great band story when  Street Survivors is released on the 17th.   The movie centers on drummer Artimus Pyle’s experience as a band member in Lynyrd Skynyrd and of course that fateful and tragic day in Gillsburg, MS.

Lastly one other movie that I have read about in the rumor mill is one that director Jon M. Chu (Crazy, Rich Asians) has some interest in.  This is not necessarily the traditional rags to riches band story but more the unusual rise from obscurity to fame of Journey’s Arnel Pineda.  I think that would be a movie worth seeing.  (Think Rock Star but without MarkyMark).

So lots of great movies to look forward to … and so many great rock bands who have stories to tell.  Whose story would you like to see made into a biopic?  Swing over to Facebook and let me know.