At least it is December.  That is what I had to tell myself a few weeks ago when I heard “Bad Kid” for the 7,000th time this year.  My girlfriend Amanda sent Baby Beretta a Christmas CD last year for Christmas.  She hasn’t stopped playing it.  I understand Christmas in July…but March, May and August-Oh My!

JD McPherson was just in Chicago for their Second Annual Socks Tour.  Too bad they are too big to play afternoon shows at a local library.  My kiddo would have been so excited.  She has every song on that CD memorized.  The show at Thalia Hall was way past her bedtime.  Our Traffic Reporter is a big JD fan as well.  Did you hear him tell Jim Jarvis that the only act he would like to see at River Edge Park was JD McPherson?  Maybe if they did a festival we could get a daytime slot and all hang out to see them in concert.  Just keep in mind – they have several albums but no matter when the concert is held BB will be yelling out Christmas requests!