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Baby, It’s Cold Outside…What problems the Polar Vortex has caused so far!

It felt a heck quite a bit colder today than it did yesterday.  Two days of this is no fun for anyone but the good news is that we start warming up later today and will see the 40’s this weekend!  Here is a damage report due to the cold spell!

Polar Vortex Update ….

NBC claims hell froze over yesterday when the temperature dipped to -15 in Hell, Michigan.

NBC says a zebra froze to death in Carroll County, Indiana yesterday after it couldn’t find shelter during the polar vortex. It got loose from its owner’s property.

A 26 car pile-up occurred yesterday in Wyomissing, Pennsylvania along Route 222. Seventeen ambulances were sent to the scene to treat 25 injured people.

The Daily Mail claims postal service was stopped in Minnesota, western Wisconsin, Iowa, Nebraska and western Illinois yesterday because of the polar vortex.

Chicago’s O’Hare and Midway airports canceled over 2,000 flights yesterday because of the polar vortex.

Temperatures dipped to -28 in Chicago yesterday.

Afternoon temperatures at the South Pole in Antarctica yesterday reached – 19

Amtrak crews set rails on fire in Chicago to keep trains moving and tracks unfrozen

Mashable claims bored Midwesterners are entertaining themselves during the polar vortex by throwing cups of boiling water into the air. The water quickly turns into snow and blows away

22 states recorded sub-zero temperatures yesterday

139 million Americans were under a wind chill advisory yesterday

Whiskey Riff claims some beer delivery was stopped in the Upper Midwest yesterday because of the polar vortex

Deadline Hollywood claims the polar vortex caused production to be shut down on ”Chicago PD” and ”Empire” yesterday.

Some people used frozen bananas to hammer nails into wood.

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