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Back in my day I had to walk 200 miles in the snow

When did they change the Special Olympics Fund Raiser to be this easy?  Scott and Danielle were inside a warm Dunkin’ Donuts store for Cop on a Rooftop, and it’s MAY.  They were only there for a few hours, not DAYS.  I found my copy of the November 17th, 2002 issue of the Post-Crescent.  It brought back some frigid memories.  Leon and I helped raise money for Special Olympics through the “Shopko Rooftop Torch Run Challenge”.  Did you know that Appleton, Wisconsin is north of here?  Did you know that November is a chilly month?  Yes, Chicago is the Windy City but Green Bay is called THE FROZEN TUNDRA for a reason!!!

Back in the day I was quite the Badge Bunny.  I got to sleep with this hot cop for two nights, however he had a family emergency one of the nights and I was left up there all alone.  Alone on the rooftop of a Shopko Department store in a makeshift tent when the temperature dipped to 20 degrees.  Did you get a good look at that 80’s Sears Snowsuit I was wearing??  Classy.

**Special Note- The entire city of Appleton is in my thoughts after last week’s tragedy.


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