Every time the flu or other infection makes its way around my house, I seem to get hit pretty hard by it. My wife always seems to get it as well, but not as bad.

If you ask her, it’s because she’s tougher and I’m just me being a baby.

Does that sound like a familiar exchange in your house as well?

Well, maybe I’m NOT just a baby!! Na na-a boo boo!

According to the American Journal of Physiology – Lung Cellular and Molecular Physiology, estrogen in women may aid in fighting off influenza!

(If you are a total medial science nerd, here is the actual report)

Parents.com gives us a pretty good wrap up:

Interestingly, they found females treated with estrogen, or selective estrogen receptor modulators, from 72 to 24 hours before infection demonstrated a far greater resistance to infection. But not men. In other words, women may have female-specific antiviral qualities, and are more able to fight off infection from the flu versus men, even when they are treated with estrogen.

Finally some reassurance that I’m not just a weak puny man when I get sick. It really does hit us harder!