The kids are back in school!  Baby Beretta is trying to get used to a full day of first grade.  Kindergarten was like a 2 1/2 hour waste.  It seemed like you drop the kids off and just a few moments later you are rushing back to pick them up!   Not even enough time to binge Teen Mom and Making a Murderer.

Before school started we had to run over to our favorite shop to pick up some essentials.  Not the Mall or the Outlets…..The Team Store for the Kane County Cougars.  We picked up a new pink Annie T-Shirt and a Blue Cougars Hoodie so she can participate in upcoming fun spirit days.

I can’t say it enough….I LOVE THE KANE COUNTY COUGARS!

From their Reading Programs for kids to the great prices they offer with a free lunch for seniors they are totally family friendly.  The players and the staff: Jacquie Boatman, Emmet Broderick & Sherri Johnson to a name a few are all class-act employees.

So pair them up with Anderson’s Animal Shelter and we have a fun-filled day to look forward to.  I wonder if Emily will be there…she has a therapy cat!  How cool is that?!