Back To School Spending Sprees Are Here Again.

Well we are looking at a very different scenario than we were last year at this time. It looks like the kids will be back in school and many folks will be back in their offices by the middle of September. Lots with ask mandates! Now the current surge is making things more complicated and the Delta variant is causing a lot of alarm. Kids look to be wearing masks in most cases as they return to school and now employers are starting to consider mandating vaccinations or weekly testing before you can come back to work. One sure sign of kids going back to school is the advertisements for school supplies and clothing that were certainly missing last year. Although I’m not in the market i must say it’s almost refreshing to hear about back to school sales. I know crazy right, but think about it, that’s a sign of a return to some sort of normalcy. Good for the head and good for the economy.

Families Spending More on Back to School Sprees.