Back To The Office Or Staying At Home?

So as the pandemic again starts to wind down life looks to be attempting to return to normal (not sure what normal is these days but whatever). The shut downs are over, the masks are mostly gone and people are coming out and getting used to being around one another again. We’ve been lucky, here at The River, because Mackay and I and to a lesser extent Nick have been “back in the studio” since late June of 2020. Yet the rest of the staff has basically been working from home for 2 years. It was weird at first to come in and have the entire building to myself, but now it’s almost the opposite when even a few folks are here. I’m always glad to see and visit with my work mates and now I guess I’ll have a little more of that interaction going forward. So my question you is are you still working from home and if so are you interested in returning to your old office space? As things continue to move forward in a positive way toward less COVID and more commingling will you have a choice about where and how you do your job?

Returning To The Office, A Moment of Joy For Some. Others Would Rather Stay Home.