Bad Bosses Oh My!

I have had many bosses over the years and some were great, some good, some not so good and some just really sucked! I have to say my current boss is one of the better ones I’ve had and I don’t say that as a suck up, but simply because it’s true. He listens, is creative and has given me a handle on freedom I haven’t felt in many years. It’s nice to know the guy you’re working for has trust in your judgement and outlook. Hey we’re havin’ a lot of fun over here!! Bosses can really affect how and how well you do your job and even your level of engagement. I had a few that made me want to disengage them, but that really never worked out very well. So how’s your engagement with your boss? Does he or she inspire your?

Bad Bosses Can Face A Big Backlash.