This is going to have to be a continuous thing on the midday show, I think!

Today’s nominee for Baddest Dude on the Planet is a 32-year-old jogger who was running at Horsetooth Mountain Open Space near Fort Collins, Colorado on Monday.

The story goes that this unidentified warrior was running on a trail when he heard a noise behind him. As he turned around, the young mountain lion lunged and attacked. The runner, sustained significant bite and claw injuries to his neck, back, wrists and face, but managed to break free. Still squared up with the lion, the man was able to choke the lion to death with his bare hands, saving his own life.


His story totally checks out, too. Wildlife officials confirm that the injuries to the man and the lion corroborate his most awesome of stories! One may say he wasn’t…(warning: dad joke ahead)…lyin’.

Naturally, Twitter reaction has been outstanding:

Sure, maybe the lion was less than a year old and weighed fewer than 100 pounds (slightly more than half of a full grown 180 lb. adult), but that barely takes away from the accomplishment.

While we mourn the loss of any animal, sometimes you have to do what you have to do to survive, even if that means killing a mountain lion with your bare freaking hands!

The Guy Who Killed a Mountain Lion with his Bare Hands: today’s Baddest Dude on the Planet nominee!