Baseball! Are You Even Watching? I’ll Bet The Commissioner Is.

Now I dunno if you’re like me or not, but as soon as the Cubs and Sox were eliminated from the playoffs I unplugged. This morning I happened on the four remaining teams trying to get to this years World Series. American League Tampa Bay vs the bad boys from Houston. The National League has the Atlanta Braves taking on the favored LA Dodgers. I had no idea and now I see the Sox have decided to part ways with manager Rickie Renteria and the sad news that Hall of Famer Joe Morgan has passed. There’s a lot of talk about wholesale changes in the Cubs lineup and after a season that seemed more like a long Spring training I’m a little confused or just put off. Baseball needs something give it a little lift here in October. What that is I’m not sure and apparently neither is baseball. The Commisioner, Rob Manfred, has got a very tough job and we wish him all the luck in the world!  Paul Sullivan has some words of wisdom for baseball too from this mornings Trib.

Click for Paul Sullivan’s column.