Baseball is back. Just Ask Joe Maddon & Rick Renteria or Paul Sullivan!

So baseball is coming ever closer and not a moment too soon. From the double doink  onward I think we’ve all been looking forward to something! I mean the Bulls just ain’t and although the Hawks have shown some life and may have a shot at the playoffs we’re spoiled by 3 Stanley Cups in the past decade! So baseball come rescue us! Pitchers and catchers next week and the first games for Spring Training are in about 2 weeks. Paul Sullivan is one of the best sports writers anywhere and he covers baseball in Chicago on both sides of town like nobody else. He has some very interesting outlooks on the seasons both Joe Maddon and Rick Renteria face this year. Here’s some of Paul’s  insights: As they dive headfirst into the 2019 season this week in Arizona, Cubs manager Joe Maddon and White Sox counterpart Rick Renteria are entering crossroads of sorts. Maddon, coming off a 95-win season and four straight
postseason appearances, needs to win to keep his job Renteria, coming off 100 losses with most of the same nucleus returning, needs to stop losing to keep his sanity.
There may be vastly different expectations this year for the Cubs and Sox, but fans on both sides of town want to see one thing: improvement. It’s up to Maddon and Renteria, the yin and yang of Chicago managers, to make sure that happens.

To read Paul’s full column just click here:



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