Be a Part of Doggie History!

Hi, it’s Leslie Harris, and today is a momentous day in the western suburbs. Villa Park is attempting to set the world record for the highest number of doggy weddings at the same time. Right now, the record for dog weddings performed at the same time it stands at 178, which happened in Littleton, Colorado in 2007. There was an attempt to break the record in 2008 in Oak Park, but they only had 87 couples that day. I guess someone in Illinois really wants to break that record!

Since the event is happening right now, I don’t know if Villa Park was able to break the record, but the mayor is performing the ceremony which started at 10:00.

This is part of a larger event called Paws and Claws in the park, and features rescue groups, and lots of activities for dogs in their owners. Find out more HERE