Hi, Leslie Harris here, and my superpower is saving lives. Yes, you read that right, I regularly save lives and you can too.

It’s springtime, and we all know that that’s when many young animals are born . It’s no different for dogs and cats. The need for fostering is greater at this time of year than any other. These tiny kittens were born on March 25th. Today is March 30th, which means that they are not even one week old, and I took this picture a couple of days ago. They were born in a high-kill facility, so I don’t know what their fate would have been had I not agreed to take them into my home.

There are so many great things about fostering. First of all, it’s a short-term commitment, so if you’re not interested in pet ownership, this is a great way to help. Also, most rescue agencies will provide you with everything you need, including food, leashes for dogs, litter boxes for cats, and most importantly, medical care. I was even able to borrow a large ‘cat cage’ since I don’t have a good space to keep this little family contained.

I get to know that I helped to save these babies, as well as their sweet, sweet mama, and I also get to know that they will bring so much joy into the lives of whoever provides them with their forever homes.

Please contact your local Rescue Agency to find more about fostering, and if you can’t foster, please consider a donation of money or food. Anything you can do will help to save these precious lives, and bring joy to more people.

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