While we’re all scrubbing and disinfecting everything, be really careful about mixing household cleaners. Here are four combinations that can be harmful, or even deadly . . .

1. Bleach and rubbing alcohol make chloroform. Yes, the same stuff used in movies to knock people out. (Except it doesn’t really work that fast. Don’t fool around with it. But it would take five minutes to knock you out like in the movies.)

2. Bleach and vinegar make chlorine gas. Which was first used as a chemical weapon in World War One.

3. Bleach and ammonia make chloramine gas. Windex and a lot of other household cleaners contain ammonia. So check the label. It might be listed as “ammonium hydroxide.”

4. Hydrogen peroxide and vinegar make a toxic compound called peracetic acid. It’s been known to cause a lot of respiratory issues.