Beach Volleyball Bikini Ban Leads To Top Players Boycott.

So I get that the times they are a changin’ as Bob Dylan once wrote and sung. The #MeToo movement and all the scrutiny that the world has put on how women are treated and listened to. Playboy no longer displays a monthly foldout. These are serious changes and certainly for the better. Women have long been subjected to a whole different set of rules and their status is now finally being looked at with real change in mind. So then why am I writing about women’s status and talking about a volleyball tournament in Qatar that won’t allow women to compete in bikinis? It would seem there’s a bit of cultural discrimination going on here. When I read the article it talked about how this particular country is “the only country” which mandates female players to wear shirts and long trousers. Beach volleyball in a shirt and long trousers….hmmmm…I dunno, but it does seems a bit restrictive and they allow men to play in bathing suits or shorts. So read the piece and let me know how you feel about this!

Beach Volleyball Bikini Ban Leads To Top Players Boycott. Click For More.