Bear Down!: My Expectations for Sunday Night on the Lake Front

I know it’s just a regular season game, and it really doesn’t mean much…but dang it, it sure feels like it does!

Our beloved Bears have a chance to turn a lot of heads if they can pull out a win against one of the top tier teams in the NFL in front of a national audience on Sunday night.

I do think the Bears can win (even though I don’t know if I’d be money on it). I wouldn’t be surprised if they do!

I think the defense can do enough to slow down Rams RB Todd Gurley, especially if the weather is cold and the passing game is equalized.

I think the Rams have an MVP defensive tackle in Aaron Donald along side another Pro Bowler in Ndomlkajljkong Suh, but that’s pretty much it! Nagy and Co. can game plan around that with short, quick, horizontal passes, etc.

I don’t necessarily need them to win the game for me to wake up Monday with a positive feeling. Just compete. Just like you’ve done every week. The Bears might have four losses, but they were never outmatched in any of them.

Think back to the beginning of the season and what we were predicting for this team. It sure wasn’t an 8-4 record going into week 14! This isn’t the years the Bears were supposed to compete! This was supposed to be a rebuilding year, so if they can show up and give a Super Bowl contender a game, I’d be happy with that.

That said…I’d be a lot happier with a W! And with how the chips are falling (cold weather, at home, starting QB back, etc), it’s something that is very attainable!

Here’s what I DON’T want to see on social media after the game:


If that looks like something you’d say, then you are a sad, sad person. This is a fun time to be a Bears fan…so enjoy it!

Bear down!



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