Bears On Ice!

Now how bout dis?? This is very cool!!! A crowd of tourists and pedestrians gathered Friday morning at Millennium Park and watched as a man armed with a chain saw attacked a giant block of ice and carved out the city’s quintessential nickname for its football team: Da Bears. The ice sculpture was one of four pieces installed Friday in the city by the Chicago Bears in anticipation of Sunday’s playoff game against the Philadelphia Eagles. As the buzz of the chain saw filled the northwest part of Millennium Park, some tourists stopped to snap photos while others stood to watch the piece take shape. The Chicago Bears worked with Forest Park-based Nadeau’s Ice Sculptures to install the four pieces. Jenny Alaimo of Nadeau’s said a collaboration between the staff and the Bears led to the four pieces. At 120 S. Riverside Plaza, near Union Station, an ice sculpture depicted a bear’s head. In Pioneer Court, 401 N. Michigan Ave., pedestrians were greeted with a Monsters of the Midway sculpture. On the North Side, a Bear Down emoji ice sculpture was installed outside Wrigley Field.  Da Bears sculpture started off as 300 pounds of ice and was carved down to about 150 to 200 pounds, Alaimo said. It takes an artist about an hour to finish one ice sculpture, although the process can take longer depending on the details, she said. The artists usually start off with a chain saw, but the process can involve other tools, such as a chisel, she said. “We are so excited for the playoffs,” Alaimo said. “We are also really hoping, you know, it kind of brings more life and attention to the whole ice culture. It’s a lost art, sort of, and we are hoping to kind of bring it back to life here.” Big Fun. Click here for some visuals. 

Enjoy the weekend and GO BEARS!!!!



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