‘Beauty and the Beast’ Prequel On the Way to Disney+

I remember sitting in the Paramount Theater in Aurora watching their production of Beauty and the Beast (which was friggin’ amazing) and thinking to myself…I wonder how Gaston and LeFeu became friends….seems like a weird partnership. I chalked it up to overthinking a fictitious story and moved on. But alas, I’ll have my answer!

A Beauty and the Beast live-action prequel is coming to Disney Plus and a couple of stars from the live-action film will be a part of the series.

There was talk for some time that the characters Gaston and LeFou would have their own show and now the talk has become reality.

The series will answer the mystery of how Gaston and LeFou became good friends as well as how the prince was turned into a beast at the hands of an enchantress.

Josh Gad and Luke Evans will be back in their roles and newcomer Briana Middleton will play Tilly, LeFou’s stepsister.

By the way…if you are looking to get back to the theater, the Paramount has two awesome shoes this year. Kinky Boots and Cinderella.