Hey it’s Chris Miles. Happy New Year!

While the focus today will probably be on figuring out what your new year’s resolutions are, I thought it would be better if I suggested a fun thing to do with in the first few weeks of the new year. One that is even family friendly at that.

There is an amazing show in town until January 19, 2020. It is a tale truly as “old as time”. Did you catch that hint? If not well let me put it this way. “The Paramount Theater proudly presents Disney’s Beauty and The Beast” (said in my best show announcer voice). No I am not the voice of the show, just a theater guy who truly loves a great show.

This show is both visually stunning and musically profound. The cast is superb and one of the best I have seen on the Paramount stage. It is a perfect blend for a truly wonderful show. You will get wrapped up in this classic tale of romance, terror and heart. And yes even this guy shed a tear or two. It is truly a must see!

I really cannot say enough about how great this show is. I mean I could but then you would be reading for days. You really should treat your inner child to this astounding show. Make it a date night or maybe make it an introduction to theater for your kids.

  • Chris Miles