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Before I go, I just want to say …. THANK YOU

Oh my,  where do I begin … I have so much to be thankful for.  My couple years with the River have been filled with kindness, fun and lovely people.   Starting with you … the River listeners.   You have encouraged me and welcomed me to your River family and I really appreciate it.   You guys know your music and I have loved our conversations about classic tunes.   Thank you for all the thumbs up you gave me  on Facebook and for playing along with all the social media silliness I get up to.   As Dorothy said to the scarecrow … I will miss you the most.

Here at the station I have to start with the first person I see.  Every day our lovely office manager Erin gives me a big smile, no matter how busy she is (and she’s really busy).   Thank you Erin you have made me smile every day with your positivity and helpfulness.  (She literally showed me how to use the phone last week … I mean after two years you think I would know!!)

Thank you lovely Sales staff for all the times you popped your head in the studio just to see how I was doing … I know you are crazy busy so I did appreciate it and loved our chats.

Thank you Brian (our general manager) for loving darts and crazy English people so much … One day you must go visit!!

Thank you Aly from promotions…you bring so much fun to our station and we truly appreciate all you do.   (Thank you also for not making fun of me when I don’t get some latest on line craze … I mean … I’m sorry Snapchat just moves too bloody fast for me!!)

Thank you to all the Weekend River Rats … you guys have been so fun to work with and you have always helped me out when I needed you.   You got me through those first few shaky months where everything in the studio terrified me … seriously thank you for that.   Speaking of Weekend River Rats … I need to give a special shout out to my radio sisters.   Radio is a tough gig and times that by ten if you are a women.  My River Radio Sisters have been so supportive and they all truly rock … Leslie, Laura, Jess, Brooke, Jessi and of course Lady D.

Danielle Tufano took a chance on me .   Not many places would hire a DJ who hasn’t been on the air for 15 years but she did and for that I am truly grateful.  She is a hard working. talented lady who never says no to any charity event.  We didn’t get to see each other much because of our opposite schedules but we always had fun together when we did (although there was that one summer when every concert she and I went to was shut down by storms …that was crazy!)  Thank you Danielle for everything.  (Also a quick shout out to Scott and Jan for always being so lovely when I filled in during mornings … )

Anyone who read my top 5 favorite moments knows how I feel about Nick and Mitch … but I also need to thank them again … they have simply been the best!!

So as has been tradition for me … I will leave you with a final song … one that sums up my appreciation for all of you.   Thank you lovely River Family … I will miss you very much!

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