Best Answers to: Something You’ve Done that Not Many Others Have

Our listeners have done some pretty incredible things! From surviving late-stage cancer to walking the length of the Great Wall of China to flying the Goodyear blimp!

I asked the following question I Facebook the other day, and the answers we got were pretty amazing!

I encourage you to click on the post and read the comments, but here are some my favorites.

Linda Witting

Survived stage IIIC ovarian cancer for 17 years. Thank goodness more and more are surviving

Lisa Hamlin-Kapetanopoulos
Had our SUV totaled on a highway in MN by a full grown Black Bear running out onto the road.

Mike Lanners
Flown 20 miles in a balloon, submerged under the Pacific in a submarine, flown in a glider, busted 2 under cover Secret Service agents ( told them how to do their ‘disguises’ better -and they thanked me) Hit a bullet, with a bullet, at 30 yards, in target practice, without a scope, disarmed an Olympic fencing instructor, without him gaining a ‘hit’.

Kurt Sangmeister
Held an actual copy of the Emancipation Proclamation in the National Archives. Also the deed of transfer for the Louisiana Purchase.

Alberto Picazo
Sneak in a 12 pack of beer at allstate arena for concerts. No one likes paying $16 for a beer. #Yolo

Andy Schrode
Took a nap on top of a NUCLEAR BOMB while I was in the Navy

Andy Ermel
Went into the kitchen once and remembered why I went to the kitchen 😂

Tim Sleep
Play the Naperville Carillon

Beth Hope
Been on the Scott Mackay show 😘

Jethro Klein
Broke two toilets just by sitting on them

Jared Ganbarg
Snorted Fun Dip