Hello, its Tim Thomas in for Samantha James with a music challenge question for you:  What band that you have seen live had the best opening track to their set?  In my experience, Whomever I am seeing, the first song I hear is usually up-tempo, energetic and is geared to get the crowd going…no power ballads here.

So what songs come to mind?  For me there are quite a few:

AC/DC  –  Thunderstruck

Journey- Separate Ways

Deep Purple- Woman From Tokyo

Sammy Hagar- There’s Only One Way To Rock

The Who- The Real Me/Join Together

Rolling Stones- Start Me Up

Kiss – Detroit Rock City

I will say I do wish I could have seen Journey in 1981 when their Escape album came out.  Check out this opening number above!

So feel free to share your favorite concert opening tracks.  What really got the crowd going!  If you remember what they were of course!


~ Tim Thomas