I love reality TV and Nick Jakusz and myself are fans of Big Brother.  Anyone else like watching this show? What can I say…It fascinates me.

Think of this as a guilty pleasure but there is a reason the show has had 20+ seasons.  People like to watch…you can watch the live feed and see what the house guests are doing.  And there is always a melting pot of people from different walks of life that have to live in an unusual environment.  No contact with the outside world for more than 3 months.  And there is drama…and love…and humor…and fun.  But there can also be racism…or perceived racism…sexism…and bullying.

Nick and I spoke about this yesterday.  Nick likes the competition aspect of the show.  The game-play.  I agree with him very much.  It is not all about the voyeurism, but more about how different people react and handle an unusual situation.  Some cannot handle it, some are forced to combat their fears and personal beliefs.  And everyone has a different way of planning to get to the end and hopefully win the $500,000 first prize.

Yes, it is a TV show.  Some producing is involved, but these are real people from various walks of life that are chosen to play a game that challenges them mentally and physically.  But some real bonds can be made, relationships formed, and a few couples have even gone on to have families with one another.  And that house…kinda cool to be honest.  I had a friend almost become a contestant. And I also have met Dr Will Kirby the winner of Season 2.  He was very nice.  I will continue to watch the show, and root for my favorites.

Check it out sometime if you have not seen it before.  You may find yourself enjoying it more than you thought.


~ Tim Thomas