Big corporations CAN be cool!

Here’s a feel-good story for you with a big corporation as the hero!  Check this out.

Almost two decades ago, Wesley Ryan sold his 1993 Mustang GT in order to pay for his wife’s cancer treatments. Sacrifice #1.  Through a stroke of luck, his son found the car for sale back in September.  So his kids all chipped in to buy it back. Sacrifice #2.  Unfortunately, the car hadn’t been treated very well over the last 17 years and needed lots of expensive work.

Here’s the cool part.  When Ford Executive Chairman Bill Ford heard about Ryan’s story, he reached out to the family with an offer to restore the muscle car back to its former glory, plus add a few modern-day goodies.  (Pretty excellent to think of a ’93 Mustang having bluetooth.)  Bam!  Sacrifice #3.

On Thursday, Ryan was invited to Ford headquarters in Dearborn to receive the keys to his car. He told reporters, “We are blown away and we are blessed.”

Way to go, Bill Ford!  Henry would be proud.