Big Game Saturday???

Hey, it’s Rich Dale.  I had heard that there was a petition on to get the NFL to change the Superbowl to Saturday.  I checked it out (because I’m such a scrupulous reporter) and found that there were in fact two petitions!

One was started about a year ago by a guy from Amarillo, Texas and that one has about 2700 signatures.  But the one created just a couple weeks ago by a guy from Rochester, NY has over 71,000 signatures!  Obviously, Superbowl LIV is today not yesterday, and I frankly doubt this will happen at all, but I guess stranger things have happened.

Both petitions make pretty much the same points — that there’s more money to be made by both the NFL and the networks by having it on Saturday, and (or maybe because) more people would watch the game because they don’t have work or school the next day.

So what’s your take on that?  Would you go for Super Saturday?