(Video courtesy of Marz Community Brewing)

Thanks to Tim Thomas for the heads up on National Beer Can Appreciation Day. It was this day in 1935 the first beer was made available for purchase in cans. It was from Gottfried Krueger Brewing Company in Virginia.

On the topic, there are some VERY cool things happening in the can industry…well, more like labels I guess, but close enough.

Marz Brewing in Chicago has implemented augmented reality (AR) and music into their can art (above).

Noon Whistle Brewing in Lombard was one of the first adopters of the “360 can.” It’s a can with a completely removable top – instead of just a hole – so you can use it more like a cup, thus enjoying more of the aromas emanating from the beer inside.

This is cool! There’s a brewery down in Florida using their cans as billboards to try and get some doggies adopted!

A little mythbusting here. Ever tap the top or side of a can of beer that has been shaken in hopes of the beer not exploding when you opened it? Turns out, the tapping does nothing. Scientists in Denmark actually tested the theory out. Turns out, no, tapping doesn’t help with a shaken can of beer.

Still, cans are the superior storage container for beer. They block out 100% of light and seal off 100% of oxygen from the liquid, preserving it’s quality for longer than bottles or growlers. They also easier to pack and store, they cool faster and don’t shatter like glass. Cans all the way!