Billy Elliot Dances His Way Into Our Hearts

Hi it’s Leslie, and Friday night I got to attend the opening of Billy Elliot the musical at the Paramount Theater in aurora. Let me just say that it’s no wonder that the Paramount competes and frequently against Broadway in Chicago shows for Jeff awards.

The story is set in a Blue collar town during the coal Miner’s strike of the ’80s. Billy’s father scrapes enough money together to send him to boxing lessons, but Billy discovers that his true passion is dancing. He knows his father will never understand, but he continues to secretly study with the local ballet teacher.

This story has moments of heartbreak, moments of joy, and moments of true hilarity. It’s a Wonderful story about being true to your own spirit. I was not at all surprised when the standing ovation started early in the encore.

The music, written by Elton John, is also fabulous. The set and the costumes are also visually stunning.

Catch Billy Elliot the musical now playing at the Paramount Theater in Aurora through March 24th. Get tickets and info HERE