I have a bunch of funny short stories that do not exactly make for a great blog on their own.  Here they are in one crazy lump-no organized fashion.  Just like my desk at work 🙂

Last week I finally finished a 2020 calendar that I have been working on with my Assisted Living residents. We have been taking pictures for each month while drinking delicious Naked Brand Juices & Smoothies. The residents loved coming up with centerfold ideas to be included in the “naked calendar”. One of the residents had some out of town family members in for their birthday and I offered to show them the calendar. Not 15 seconds after I mentioned it to them a different resident came out of their apartment not wearing pants. I looked at the family member and said “That is NOT the kind of naked I was talking about”. Never a dull moment in Assisted Living.

Do you have anyone in your contacts with crazy titles?  I used to work with this guy that said he was dating the world’s most jealous girl.  My husband is not the jealous type and I proved it to him by changing his name to “Hot Guy I Work With” in my phone.  How funny to see that every time he sent a text or called for work-related stuff.  Now that he has changed jobs I updated it to read-“Hot Guy I Used to Work With”.  At this point I can barely remember his real name is Chris.

One day while stuck in traffic I noticed that my GPS was reading the titles of the locations I frequented.  I was about 1 mile from work but just crawling due to an accident.  I decided to erase the name of the nursing home and replace it with my favorite combination of potty words to see if she would say it.  Sure enough she started to read my profanity nickname for work in her British Accent.  -JB