Bon Jovi Broadcasting Asbury Park Concert to Drive-Ins Across the Country

Bon Jovi are recording their upcoming drive-in theater concert in their home state of New Jersey.

The band has taken up residence in the empty Paramount Theater in Asbury park, and they recorded the show from Thursday night after rehearsing on Wednesday – with a few Bon Jovi fans lurking outside listening in.

The concert will broadcast to hundreds of drive-in theaters across North America on May 22nd, kicking off this year’s Encore Drive-In Nights concert series.

You’ll have to drive a little bit to check it out, but not TOO far. Here are the venues in northeast Illinois showing the concert:

Be warned that it is rather pricey. It’s $68 per car (up to 6 people) and  you have to purchase a $30 “food and beverage pass” for the privilege of bringing your own food (??).