Brand New Challenge … Same Old Fun

I know I should accept when things are over … I should move on with my life and just remember the good times.   But sometimes you just can’t let go and that’s how I feel about the 30 Day Music Challenge.   So just because the 30 Days are over and the list of questions they gave me have been asked … it doesn’t mean we can’t have our own version of a music challenge.   I mean I can come up with some questions…You can give me some questions to ask.   We can do this together.

So for my first venture on my own … with my own question … I am going to ask … What is a great song that is over quickly but is still awesome?  Now I grew up in the era of 70’s and 80’s punk rock so there were a lot of really short little tunes (There is a British band called Napalm Death that have a song called You Suffer that is just over 1 second long.  HA)

There are a lot of great songs that come in under 2 minutes but I went with this one as it comes in under a minute and a half and is a perfect little ditty about Monday’s …

So on the first day of our brand new Music challenge I give your all 1.23 minutes of Elvis Costello’s/Welcome to the Working Week.


I almost went the Smiths partly because it is an amazing song but mainly because it has appeared in some great 80’s films like below.  So coming in at 1.50 minutes … here’s a portion of the The Smiths/ Please, Please let me get what I want.

New music challenge … same rules … pop over to Facebook and tell me your favorite short but sweet song.



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