Breaking Up Is Hard To Do! It Stinks!

We’ve all had a breakup or two in our lives with someone whose was important. The feeling of loss or betrayal or emptiness is totally understandable and isn’t easy to take or shake. The sadness and sometimes bewilderment seem to follow you wherever you go. The author of the piece below offered a great deal of very interesting and valuable info like: “falling in love actually stimulates the parts of the brain responsible for producing stress hormones — perhaps as a way to prepare for heartbreak. The brain creates these stress hormones, so that when our partner leaves or sort of disappears, we get so agitated that we are motivated to go find them or feel so grateful when they come back.” But they ain’t comin’ back so you better learn to deal with it. Breakin’ up is hard to do and it stinks!  Check out the article below if you are in need or just curious. It may just help.


Heartbreak: The Science and Pain Of Breaking Up.