When Bribing A Kid Backfires

Hi! Danielle Tufano here.

Kids are smarter than you think. I was out to dinner with my family last night and tried to bribe my 8-year-old nephew (Bryce) and it totally backfired on me.

Here is the backstory:

Last year in baseball, my nephew was probably one of the better players in the entire league. No joke. He was great at catching, accurately throwing and batting (they used a batting machine for his age group). However, this year changed things up a little bit when he moved up into a league where the kids get to pitch. Bryce was hit by a few pitches early in the season and now he is timid when he gets up to bat… he stands really far away from the plate and always steps back when the pitch comes down.

So, while we were out to dinner, I told him that, if he shows me that he is really trying to get closer to the plate and can get a hit (even if it is a foul ball), I would come to his school next week for lunch and bring him anything he wants (being almost positive that he would choose Panera because he loves Panera and that is always what he begs me for).

Then this happened:

BRYCE: You will really bring me anything?

ME:  Anything you want, as long as I can tell that you are trying really hard.

BRYCE: Anything?

ME: Anything.

BRYCE: Ok, I’d love for you to bring a 2018 Bugatti to my school to show everyone.


Ummmmm. First of all… how does an 8-year-old know what a Bugatti is? If you don’t know, here is a Bugatti, which you can get a new one for only around $3 million.

Second of all… does someone have a Bugatti that I can borrow next week?? 😬😬



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