Hey, it’s Rich Dale.  As I was growing up, I started to realize that most people hated fluorescent lights, and I could never understand why!  They’re nice and bright and they make everything look the color it’s supposed to, since they’re white instead of yellowish like incandescent lights.

At any radio station I’ve ever worked, including college radio and including The River, the studios always have one switch for incandescent lights and one for fluorescent.  And I’ve always seemed to be the only one who comes in a flips on the fluorescents!  At my college station, the DJ before me would usually have the yellowy lights on and kind of dimmed.  I guess it gave him a mellow feel.  So I’d always feel a little weird after he left.  “Off with these druggie lights, on with the fluorescents, down to business!”  And  college radio isn’t even really a business.

When I thought about it, I finally realized why I was always the only one in my circles who liked fluorescent lights.  It’s because that’s what I grew up with.  Both my bedroom and kitchen growing up had big ol’ overhead fluorescent lights.  So when they go on, and other people feel like they’re in an office or a public restroom, I feel right at home!

Did you ever feel like you have nothing better to do than sit around and figure out stuff like that?