Brood X is Coming!

“This is the year!  I’m so excited!”, said NO-ONE!

Brood X is a massive swarm of cicadas that emerges once every 17 years,  It will appear in 12 states, including Illinois!  Once the weather warms up, trillions of cicadas will emerge from the ground, living for just a few weeks to mate, with their larva returning to the ground to hibernate for another 17 years.

It will be the first appearance from Brood X since 2004.  While the cicadas are harmless, the buzzing will be loud and can be heard from miles away.

I have half-a-mind to move to California, or anywhere they won’t be, until November.  Yes they’re harmless, but there’s nothing worse than watching TV and hearing something slapping around in the kitchen only to find that it’s this disgusting giant bug!  The dang things are so loud, it sounds like someone is shaking maracas.  And not in a cool way.

I was annoyed enough a few years ago when a much smaller brood emerged.  There’ll be no escape from these things.

And no, I have no desire to cook ’em up on the grill.

Here’s an article about them: