Bullying! Stand And Deliver!

Bullying with kids is such a big problem these days, but I remember it from when I was a kid. There was one guy who was a little bigger and maybe a year or two older who thought it was cool to threaten and harass kids. In grade school we used to have what we called “cock fights”. The front entrance to the school had a long sidewalk leading into the front doors and one kid would stand at one end and another at the opposite end and you would run at each other, at full speed and try to knock the other kid over or off the side walk. Well there was this one kid, we’ll call him Lon Z. who was pretty good sized and really had an attitude.He would challenge kids, cajole them, even shame them into taking him on. He was pretty tough and no one really could stand up to him. After he knocked somebody down he would stand over them jeering  and laughing at them. A real sportsman! Now he was a year ahead of me and I had some size (mostly tall) but I really didn’t like this kid and he didn’t think much of me either. So I challenged him to a “cock fight” and when I knocked him on his ass he almost lost it. He couldn’t believe someone had actually defeated him and he was in my face constantly after that for a rematch which I gave him more than a few times. He got some revenge in beating me, but I was left standing more times than not and I told him until he could take me on a regular basis he was to let everyone else pass. Really did drive him nuts and he really tried to make my life difficult, but he could never make any of his threats or insults stick. Just a bully who met his match. I don’t tell this tale to pat myself on the back, but simply to say to anyone dealing with a bully or harassment, stop, turn around and face it with attitude and confidence. You may not always come out on top, but the bully will see they’re not having the effect they want and they will eventually go away!

Paul Rudd Becomes A Real Life Hero For A Bullied Colrado Kid.