Burger King Gettin’ “Real.”

Wow! Burger King has done it now! A new campaign that stresses “No one is happy all the time. And that’s OK.” The fast-food chain introduced a range of boxed deals it’s calling “Real Meals,” including the Pissed Meal, Blue Meal, Salty Meal, Yaaas Meal and DGAF (Don’t Give a F—) Meal as part of Mental Health Awareness Month in May. The deal includes a Whopper sandwich, french fries and a drink. “Burger King restaurants understands that no one is happy all the time. That’s why they’re asking guests to order a Whopper meal based on however they might be feeling,” an online release stated Wednesday. As well as raising awareness of mental health issues, the meal range also pokes fun at McDonald’s Happy Meals, boxed kids’ deals that include a toy. Burger King launched an ad showing a montage of people in various emotional states, using the line: “No one is happy all the time. And that’s OK.” The ad swaps Burger King’s well-known chorus “Have it your way,” with “Feel your way,” and claims to take an “intimate and raw look into the reality of feeling your way.”



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