Hi this is Leslie Harris, and the last two days have been so busy that I have hardly had time to catch my breath!

Yesterday I went to Indiana to see my mother-in-law, and then I worked one of my other jobs last night, today I went to Zumba, walked the dog, had a couple of calls, misplaced my keys! and now I’m here for Mitch. In there, there are cleaning many litter boxes and a bunch of other everyday sort of stuff. So I’m feeling a little overwhelmed right now!

But… I’m feeling very grateful at the same time. You see, a few years ago, when I was underemployed, I did a lot of sitting around, I was bored, almost to tears, literally. I was depressed. So I’m grateful for being so busy. And I honestly don’t think I’m TOO busy, I think I’m just still not used to juggling so many balls all at the same time. I AM trying to be more mindful, so that I don’t get so frazzled. A wise friend of mine once said that whenever he flet he had too much on his plate, he would add something else!

How about you? Would you rather be too busy or not busy enough? Let me know in the comments

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