But I Paid For It!

Hey it’s Leslie Harris, and I remember the first time I had a blood orange juice.

I was visiting my cousin in Italy, and I was enthralled with the very color of it, all crimsony… and the taste! It was exquisite, tart and sweet and unlike any other orange I had ever tasted.

I was delighted when I walked into the grocery store a few days ago and they had blood oranges. My mouth was watering as I picked through them, looking for the perfect one, but honestly, I don’t really know how to pick a perfect blood orange. So I chose the one that I that would be the best.

When I got it home, I sliced it open and there was that beautiful color. I couldn’t wait to taste it, but… well to say it was a disappointment is an understatement. It was sour, not sweet at all, and kind of dried up. So then began the agony – I paid for this orange, so I should eat it too, right? Waste not want not as my father used to say! But… I don’t like it! Maybe someone in my family will eat it? Who am I kidding?

I actually left the orange on the counter for a couple of days, hoping someone would eat it. Maybe I myself would actually decide to eat it, but alas, I finally threw the orange away.

Am I the only one who struggles with these mundane decisions?

Just another glimpse into the mind of this crazy cat lady.

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